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Cheap ideas for wedding stationery Cheap ideas for Wedding Stationery

Stationery is one of the easiest places to save money.


Most people have access to a computer and printer and with even a small amount of artistic flair you can produce perfectly respectable invitations.

There are plenty a free templates that can be downloaded from the internet (but obviously make sure your security and firewall are up to date before you download anything)! has a good range of styles that you can customise on line and are easy to use.  If you can't find a design you like try looking up free clipart for 'scrolls' and 'embellishments' and making up a design for yourself.

If you have an artistic friend, maybe she could design an invitation for you, then you could have a girls night in making them up. Check out for inspiration.  Craft shops sell all sorts of bits and pieces such as ready made 'toppers' for you to make your own invites but remember that unless you are buying ready made card blanks with matching  envelopes, it is much easier to get the envelopes first and design the cards to fit them rather than the other way round!  But before you reach for the scissors and glue, do check out ebay.  Lots of people on there are offering handmade cards, and frankly some are so reasonably priced you couldn't buy the materials for less!

 Make your own Orders of Ceremony and place names to match the invitations.

If you know how to use a spreadsheet/mail merge system it would save a lot of time to organise a sheet for the wedding.  You could print out invitations with the guests names printed on, envelopes, name cards, seating plan, keeps tabs on who has replied etc and even use it for the thank you letters (Yes, I do know they should really  be hand written - but there are some really good handwriting fonts these days!)