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Waste of Money

The fixed price package wedding is something that is springing up everywhere and they are certainly worth looking at.  But there are a number of pitfalls and here is a list of things to check out, apart from the quality of the food! Trip Advisor is a great way of checking hotels out.

Before you go for a "look see" check what dates are available for that price.  Often it is only for Wednesdays in November or something similar and you will pay twice as much for other dates.

Ask lots of question and don't 'assume' anything! Check exactly what is included - if it isn't on the list you won't get it!  There is usually a list of 'available extras' so you will be able to work out what isn't included.

Check the prices for extras.  Some venues charge relatively high amounts for extra meals over the number specified. 

Are the Registrar's fees included?

Will you have your own paying bar and loos or must you share with other people at the venue?

How many other weddings are (or could be) on at the same time? 

I recently helped with a wedding that was a fantastic bargain.  The venue was lovely, the staff really helpful and the food delicious BUT there were 2 other weddings at the same time and it rained, which meant the communal  areas were very crowded.  The Bride had to fight her way through the hallway to get in and  she had to wait 2 hours to get to  the 'photo opportunity' staircase. But worst of all,  during her speeches, guests from another wedding were sitting on the outside window ledges of the room smoking and chatting.  Obviously this can happen with any venue but it seems to be a problem when there are bargains to be had.