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Waste of Money

Make your own Wedding garter

Ok you aren't going to save a fortune by making your own garter but some of the nice ones are very expensive (check these out) lovely but how much!  If you have a friend or relative who can sew but hasn't much cash, it would be nice to ask them to make the garter for you as a wedding gift and mean that you can have a garter that is personal to you and stunning!

Here is how you do it (photos coming soon!)

You will need elastic (about 1cm wide is good).  Wrap this around your leg to the right tension the add 2cm.

You will need 4 times this measurement in lace, 2 times in soft cotton tape and 2 times in ribbon which a little wider than the tape.

Cut the lace in half and put it edge to edge along the centre of the cotton tape and sew into place. Using the cotton tape makes the garter more comfortable to wear as some lace can be very scratchy. Turn the lace over and position the ribbon over the tape so the inside edges of the lace are covered and sew into place.  Thread the elastic into the channel between the tape and the ribbon (a big safety pin helps with this), and pull up to the correct tension, then turn the garter right sides together and sew securely.  Neaten the cut  edges and then decorate.  It is really nice to decorate with something that has sentimental value, perhaps a piece of jewellery that you have inherited but never wear.  I used my grandmother's engagement ring.  Of course you must remember not to throw this garter, just buy a cheap bridalgarter  for that!  Or you could just buy a cheap garter and add extra decorations yourself!