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Waste of Money

Cheap Ideas for Wedding Flowers 

Flowers are an area where you can get totally carried away costs-wise!




If you want a traditional bouquet it is going to cost you about £100-150.  These have to be wired and are quite difficult to make yourself but you could just go for a simple spray of lilies held together with a wide ribbon


 IMPORTANT  the pollen from lilies stains very badly so always remove the anthers with a pair of nail scissors before you use them anywhere where they will come into contact with clothes or carpet.


For the bridesmaids hand tied posies are easy to make.


Check out the Yellow Pages for your nearest Wholesale Flower market.  They sometimes are not keen to sell to members of the public, but if you turn up with a wad of cash they are most likely to turn a blind eye!


Don't be put off by the idea of using silk flowers.  They are so good these days that when they are used with real foliage they are hard to tell from the real thing, can be made up in advance, bent into shape and are cheaper.


An alternative to a bridesmaid's bouquet or for a page boy could be a ring bearer cushion.  This would be quite easy to make by sewing two squares of fabric together and adding some stuffing, then sewing on a couple of ribbons to hold the rings. Or you could sew a couple of lace trimmed hankies together.  For an older bridesmaid you could simply buy a pretty cushion and add the ribbons.


At the Church


Check to see if any of your friends (or your Mum's friends) are any good at flower arranging.  If not, most churches have a team of volunteers who do the flowers.  The list is normally on a notice board in the porch or in the church magazine. Pop into the church each Sunday until you find the volunteer whose arrangement you like best, then contact them and ask if they would arrange your flowers in return for a donation to the church.  This is likely to be a lot cheaper than using a professional florist.  If you want to decorate the pew ends, the church will insist these arrangements are moved immediately after the wedding (they make a mess when they drop) so these could be taken to the reception and used as table centres.

Make sure you put flowers where they will give maximum impact, one big arrangement under the pulpit is better than lots of little ones and decorate pew ends rather  than window sills.


 Do check with the vicar if there is another wedding on at approximately the same time - it would save money to get together and share costs.


Another alternative would be to use potted plants.  White hydrangeas would look wonderful, but you could use that are just greenery or bay trees and customise them by adding a few silk flowers.  These aren't particularly cheap but they could be given to the bride or groom parents as a thank you after the wedding. Or you could get married the week after Easter, when the church will probably still have lots of arrangements - usually lilies but it could be daffodils!




Most venues have an arrangement with a local florist, where they are making a good mark up, so it is much cheaper to do it yourself.


Reuse flowers wherever possible.  If you have a top table, arrange the bride's bouquet in front of the happy couple and place the bridesmaids flowers on either side.  If you don't have pew end flowers for table centres,  places like Ikea, Matalan or even supermarkets sell cheap  glass vases which hold just  one or two flowers for  a table centre or small chunky vases for posies which could be pushed together for the head table.  For a winter wedding candles look fantastic as an alternative.



I recently attended a wedding where the favours were  small pots of primroses (grown by the Bride's aunt) and then put into a small zinc pots from a Pound Shop.  They were placed in a circle in the centre of the table, so doubled up as the table decoration.