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Make Your own Cheap Wedding Favours

These days people seem  to expect favours - they do make the table look pretty - but beware of spending too much!  Scented candles, photograph frames and even CDs are being suggested but just remember they may 'only' cost 2.50 per head but if there are 100 guests that will set you back £250!  What would that pay for  in the 'real world' after the wedding?

Five sugared almonds are the traditional favour, wrapped in a square of tissue to coordinate with your colour scheme, and are quite inexpensive.  You could go for a fun idea such as a packet of love hearts or even smarties.  A lottery ticket in a little envelope which would double as a place name is another possibility or a 'lucky' sixpence stuck to the name card (buy them up off ebay). A (nearly) free idea would be to  make paperweights by finding some large, smooth pebbles and writing people's names on them in silver or gold pen,  then paint them over with clear varnish.  Again this could replace a name card.  Another alternative could be to make gingerbread men (or gingerbread bride and groom, or just cookies) and ice them with names or patterns and decorate them with dragees (little silver balls) has a gingerbread man recipe.

At a wedding I recently attended the bride and her friends had saved baby food jars.  They sprayed the tops silver and then her grandmother, with her friends from the Women's Institute, filled them with home made chutney.  They then covered the tops with circles of pretty fabric held on with rubber bands and added "hand written" (actually produced on a computer!) labels.  Martha Stewart would have loved them!

Or why not make origami 'fortune tellers' - video on You tube on how to do this.  Not really a keepsake but they can be very entertaining!

If you are having children at the wedding be sure to have goody bags for them.  Poundland is great for things  for these bags.  Try to make each bag specifically for the age and sex of the child, and go for things such a colouring books and crayons or puzzles that will involve the child sitting quitely at the table. Yoyos are excellent but guns, or anything similar, which cause children to run around are a seriously bad idea.  Even toy cars should be avoided as boys will want to run them on the floor, which will not be popular with the waitresses.

Remember that, having gone to so  much trouble and expense, half the drunken guests will go off leaving their favours on the table at the end of the evening!