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Getting Wedding Discounts

On the whole, we Brits are rubbish at asking for discounts!  Either we are too embarrassed to ask or we go the other way and become aggressive when we get a refusal.  Remember if you really want to deal with the vendor, it is not a good idea to upset them before the wedding by being too difficult!

The key here is the put yourself in the other person's position.   If they can easily sell their goods or services at the full price, there is no way they are going to offer a discount BUT if they may struggle to get the full price or you can offer them something extra, then they could well be happy to make a deal. It is always worth asking.

A really popular venue that is booked up ages in advance is not going to budge much on a booking for a Saturday in mid-summer, but may be more flexible for mid-week or out of season.

It is often a good strategy to initially enquire about less than you want and then try for a discount by appearing to take more, for example a get price for the bride's bouquet then ask for a deal if you were order to the bridesmaids' posies, button holes etc or  a quote for a single car for the bride then look for a discount on the bridesmaids' car.

If the reception venue has several rooms, get a price for the cheapest then try to get an upgrade for the same money. If it is out of season and they are not likely to get another booking it may well work.

Offering cash is always a good way to secure a discount.  Credit card companies can charge up to 3% so that could be £30 off a £1000 bill BUT never pay cash in advance it there is the slightest chance of the company going out of business.

If you are looking for a dress in an end of season sale always try for a discount.  If they haven't sold it so far, they may get stuck with it so a cheeky offer is worth trying especially if paying cash (but remember, not until you get the goods)!