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Ideas for Cheap Wedding Cakes

There are some truly amazing cakes around at the moment - at truly amazing prices.  But a stunning effect can be achieved without spending a fortune.
Most supermarkets and M&S do ready iced plain white cakes in three different sizes which you can decorate with fresh or artificial flowers or ribbon to your weddings theme. One simple but stunning idea is to use a ribbon in your wedding theme colour pinned with a diamante brooch, which could be given to your mother or mother in law after the wedding as a keepsake, try

Some people have a chocolate or even cheese - See wedding cake which can be eaten in place of dessert, and  save you money. This is ok if you are doing your own catering but the problem  with catered weddings is that most caterers make their profits from the puddings, so they won't knock much off the package price if you want to miss off the pudding.

Ready made sugar  roses are very expensive if you need lots of them but very easy to make.  Buy a pack of ready to roll fondant icing, this comes in all different colours these days.  Take a piece between 1 and 2 cm long and roll it into a long narrow cone shape.  Then take another piece and flatten it into a thin circle approx the size of a 2p piece and wrap it around the cone, like a petal, gently curling the upper edge out. Carry on adding petals until the rose is the required size, then twist the rose off the base of the cone and nip it together.  Any that don't work can be squashed up,  and remade! You can even practice with blu-tack! Try looking for 'fondant roses' on You Tube, there is a clip of someone showing you how it is done.

Some specialist cake shops are now employing an old war time trick of making dummy cakes, which can be hired.  The Bride and Groom have their photo taken "cutting" the cake , which is then whisked off into the kitchen and no-one notices that the slices of cake which emerge later are cut from a simple slab. This means you can have a wonderful looking cake for a fraction of the cost.