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Waste of Money

Cheap wedding ideas for the Bride who wants to save money

Do you want a fairytale wedding on the cheap?  We have some cheap wedding ideas that will help you save money on the cost of your wedding.

The good news for budget brides is that the era of the big wedding is coming to an end, the footballers wives style events are 'so noughties'! The fashion for weddings now is simple, happy, personal, and maybe just a little bit quirky! Handmade is very much the trend, for invitations, favours and even wedding cakes.

The most important thing when planning a budget wedding  is to set out your priorities.  If you have always dreamed of arriving at the church in a horse drawn carriage you should not compromise on that but make sure to make saving elsewhere.  I have given a rough idea of what you should expect to pay for things on the Budget page.  Decide early what you can afford to spend and who is paying for what.  Most of the ideas are pretty obvious but if you only pick up one idea and save yourself a few hundred pounds then it will have been worth your time!  The budget bride is probably best avoiding glossy wedding magazines, as they will give you fantastic ideas at prices you cannot afford and therefore lead to a sense of disatisfaction! 

There are some amazing deals to be had at the moment in 'Fixed packages'  where hotels will do an 'all in deal' from as little as £1000.  They are worth looking at but here is a list of what to check out

People (especially us women) love weddings and enjoy helping, so if you have friends or family with skills (flower arranging, cake making) be sure to ask them to help - perhaps instead of a wedding present - but remember it is their time that is the gift - you should offer to pay for materials.  The more you and your friends can do without calling in the professionals, the more money you will save. 

To keep things in perspective here are our 10 things you don't need to spend money on!